Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die

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Casual Jacket outside, Full Protection outside

Hoodies are among the most common wear in daily life. They are comfy so many bikers choose to wear one below our leathers, or as our only wear if the weather is good.

Comfort and Protection

The Protective Hoo+Die is designed as an all motorcycle apparel as it is designed for comfort, versatility and protection in case of falling.

Anti impact protectors

Some protectors have also been added the same way as your usual motorcycle armour in elbows, shoulders and back. They are easily removable in case you wish to wear the Hoo+Die under your leathers in colder days.

Not only the look

Besides the amazing look, you will also get the same technical protection as any other motorcycle jacket can offer. In addition you get extra flexibility, lighter weight and the feeling of wearing cozy clothing as if you were sitting at home.

200 gram cotton, thick enough to keep you warm, transpirable enough to let the wind ventilation go through in warmer weather conditions, ¡it’ll literally blow your mind!

Below the cotton there’s the Aramid linen covering 100% of your body surface -except the hood, but you’ll be wearing a helmet anyway- and that’s the part that will save your ass in case of falling. You are a great rider, but remember that unfortunately we all fall some time.

You will finally find a mace with the protection sockets so you can wear it fully armoured.

Winning pack

Hoo+Dies versatility is amazing, you can wear it as a motorcycle jacket and there won’t be any need to take it off when stopping at a café. Just take the helmet off and you’ll be properly dressed for the occasion.

It can also be used as a warm layer below leathers. When used like that, the 200 gram cotton will offer a fine feeling or warmth. As impact protectors are removable you can get total comfort when combined with leathers.

And for weather changing environments, you can leave the protectors on and just put on or take off the leathers without compromising your security.

What is Aramid DuPont™
Kevlar® fiber?

Aramid fabric is one of the toughest out there. It was designed by Stephanie Kwolek for DuPont™ and it is also known as Kevlar. It is a highly resistant against abrasion and tearing, which makes it ideal for motorcycle apparel.


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Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die

Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die