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Leather jacks


Motorcycles are our life philosophy. Our identity. It’s not a simple hobby. We take it very seriously. We are Bikers


That’s why we aspire to offer the bike world the perfect apparel


  1. Exclusively designed for motorcycle riders
    Hiding anti abrasion and anti impact protection, it will help us in difficult situations

  2. Designed for daily life
    In addition to the invisible protection, it’s comfortable, light and can be worn in any circumstances. No need to choose. Style and Protection combined

  3. Design without a purpose is only decoration
    Any Motoboar product protects and dresses you up elegantly

  4. 5K-Miles
    Each and every product has been tested in 5,000 miles of real riding conditions. Our own brutal riding test

  5. 24/7 Bikers
    MotoBoar apparel is the second skin for those who live their lives riding motorcycles


Quality is Compulsory That’s why each and every one of MotoBoar products has to go through a Brutal Quality & Durability Test

24/7 Biker

Our designers are responsible of the artistic process of creating a unique piece, involving two different uses. Wearable on daily basis, and true motorcycle apparel

5K Miles Brutal Test

The 5K Miles Certified stamp is proof that each item has been tested in real conditions for at least 5,000 Miles. Tests performed by MotoBoar founder with the sole purpose to make it fail


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