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MotoBoar. La chaqueta para moto que es una Filosofía de Vida. Tu motocicleta y tú sois uno

Riding gear, hidden armour jackets and the greatest look on your motorcycle

Bikes are your passion. Nature is your inspiration. Freedom, your way of life

You’re much more than your outfit. Your motorcycle is much more than a transportation. Your jacket is much more than a second skin. Only a few would understand

  • Textiles reinforced with Aramid anti-abrasion protection

  • Anti-impact protectors

  • Unique design

  • Best Look for the ride

  • Best protection for the slide

MotoBoar is a personal project done from the heart. The artisan way of the good old days, a way of being you. Your way.

Dress for the slide, but also for the ride

When you look at your bike in the garage, parked in the middle of the street, while you’re riding it; she looks back into your soul.

There are so many secrets between she and you. So many confessions inside a helmet you haven’t been the same for few thousand miles...

Inspired by nature, you know your ride is wild, that touch of adrenaline that makes life worth living. So you need a second skin that protects you from the dangers of the road, something that dresses you up as yourself.

Because it is the real you when you are riding, alone or together, the same old route or new roads. On your motorcycle you are invincible, you are powerful, you are happy, but you are fragile too.

Dress for the ride, and dress for the slide. To leave and return safely back home. For the throttle and the brake. Your dreams are here. It is your way of living and you have to express it the way you want.

Always be yourself

Casual, rocker, classic and elegant or totally badass. For any of the environments you normally ride to. Apparel with the technical level of protection and the look you would expect.

Many won’t believe it’s true, but you know the deal.

Because you are a biker all the time. Bikers are born. It’s a passion. It comes from the heart… Shout it out loud!

Honour Respect Family

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