My name is Paco Naranjo and I am addicted to motorcycles. I was born into a family of bikers, but I took a different path, I became a biker. A biker is the one who moves on a motorcycle, but a biker is the one who rides the motorcycle as a philosophy of life envíos

I learned to love motorcycles just the way they are. Speed, danger, friendship... a way of living that made me find myself, and that after thousands of kilometers on the road made me who I am today

On many occasions I had to choose between dressing for the fall, or dressing for my life. And I chose to dress for my day to day too many times

I didn't want to go into a pub, go to work or meet colleagues dressed in technical motorcycle clothing, despite the fact that I was risking ending up torn to pieces in a ditch... I was not willing to give up my character

Over the years I have also experienced the other side of two wheels. Friends that I have lost along the way paying the price of that freedom that the motorcycle gives you. And this is what MotoBoar was born, the desire to go anywhere dressed with my style but without sacrificing safety


MotoBoar is summarized in three Basic Concepts


Elegant clothes, badass, cool, casual... you choose the style that will highlight your biker essence, so that you never stop being you. No one will notice that you hide an inner armor


We combine extremely resistant textiles or we use bovine leather with anti-impact protectors in the weak points of the body. Always prepared in case the fall comes


All our garments, whether made of leather or textiles, have been designed to offer greater ergonomics and freedom of movement. With removable protection, light, flexible and versatile. A plus in performance when it comes to riding and that also makes you feel good when you park the bike