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A piece of clothing designed for the road

Do you know the glorious A-397?

Located in Southern Spain, it’s about 40 mile-long track connecting the Coast of the Sun with the monumental city of Ronda. A legendary road each rider must ride at least once in a lifetime.

Among its cold glens, the strong wind and the infinite sky this great mountain range invites you to live a great adventure anyway you put it. Riding over its summits it’s riding where the old outlaws rode their horses challenging the entire world.

This land is wild; it is the land of the freemen!

Throttle up. Corner. Drift. Don’t stop. A challenge for the more experienced rider, the best school for the rookie. All motorcycle brands as well as the best riders already know this route, that is why the best prototypes are tested here. This road is one of the jewels of the motorcycle world.

A place where the thick fog can freeze your soul, where it is frequent to get a heatwave in summer or find snowed mountains in the mornings. An island of extreme conditions in the Mediterranean weather region.

Having such a changeable weather we will never wear the proper outfit. Something was needed with the proper quality and versatility, something never seen before. After a few years’ research and lots of ridden miles we found the right solution with the creation of the Protective Hoo+Die.

A piece of clothing which lets the wind pass through during heat weather, and great to be worn below your leathers in cold temperatures.

Undress when hot, but do not take your protection off!

Full body fitted with Dupont Kevlar®, and not just where the impact protections are located. It offers the necessary protection if you crash. We were not going to cut off the expenses risking your security. The Protective Hoo+Die will exceed your protective expectations.

EU anti impact protection in elbows, shoulders and back make the Hoo+Die more resistant than your usual cordura jacket in your closet. This is possible thanks to fitting exactly the same protections your jacket has; however Kevlar® is way more resistant in the event of a crash.

Cordura is a high resistance nylon fabric developed by Dupont in 1929 and which has multiple uses in industry. A fabric Dupont improved dramatically a few years later.

What’s Kevlar®?

Back in 1965 Dupont company designed a material called Aramid fibers in 1965, a material called Kevlar®, a nearly indestructible product with a high abrasion and puncture resistance.

Just in case you don’t know much about it, police forces everywhere use Kevlar® in their bulletproof vests as well as commercial airplanes landing surface is also made by this material. Your Protective Hoo+Die might not stop a bullet for you, but it can surely save your life on the road.

So Kevlar® is now used in lots of motorcycle clothing. However; due to its high cost, it is normally used below the impact protectors.

MotoBoar is not going to put you at risk just to cut down expenses. The Protective Hoo+Die is designed to protect your body in case of accident, it has no other reason to exist.


But above all, feel the freedom of movements never ever performed by any other motorcycle jacket. It is so comfortable you could even practice sport full armoured and you would still feel comfy.

A piece of wear designed by a road.


The Protective Hoo+Die is a Brand new concept in the motorcycle industry, so might need to know how to use it so you can make the most out of it.


When it’s warm it is a simple cotton that would allow the wind penetrate through at a certain speed despite it doesn’t have any holes in it. All Protective Hoo+Die have a frontal zipper which you can also use to ventilate in hot days.


When the weather is cold, the Protective Hoo+Die is also your best riding companion as long as you wear it below another windproof jacket. We normally wear it below our leathers, but any other jacket with the proper isolation would do. Once not hit by the wind, its thick cotton layer and the extra Kevlar® will make you feel comfortable and warm.

Once you stop in a bar to have a coffee, you can wear it like any other casual piece of clothing, so if the weather is good you will get off the bike just by taking your helmet and gloves off. It is as comfortable while riding as it is on daily life.


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Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die

Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die

Old Skull Never Dies